Ceramic tiling


Architects and interior designers regard floor coverings and wall cladding to be an integral part of home design. 

We offer the absolute best in quality, handcrafted products at affordable prices. At Ottaviani, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised and tailored service, helping you to choose the perfect product to suit your needs.

We have an extensive range of the finest Italian tiling at your disposal, so you can turn a simple, unappealing floor into part of your exquisite interior design. 


High end stone floor coverings

We believe that our comprehensive product knowledge and on-site experience is paramount in helping our customers choose the most suitable stone flooring for their needs. 

You will find that we provide a full and all-inclusive service; from the point of first contact, through to our extensive aftercare package. This also includes personally overseeing all tile production and flooring operations on-site. 

Trust our range of premium products and meticulously selected natural stone flooring. Offering timeless style and contemporary design – we can help breathe life into your floorspace.  


High end wooden floor covering

Our craftsmen carefully select and use only the very best quality materials for the production and engineering of all our wood flooring.

We are proud to have a range of the finest, unique wood and raw materials at our disposal and we believe that this choice is essential for creating a finished, high-end look. In particular, we favour Precious Teakwood and American Elm as our choices for a superior product.

We give life to our materials, crafting an end-result that delivers timeless style and satisfies every visual design desire.

Polished concrete

high quality synthetic resin

For a strong, resilient, and durable solution for both flooring and wall cladding, our range of polished concrete is the ideal choice.

The finished product creates an unjointed, flawless, and chic façade, and is ideal for embellishing most surfaces. 

You could consider an opaque, grey, synthetic resin that will give your house a modish and minimalistic overtone. It is easy to clean and has continued to grow steadily in popularity over the last few years.

Diligently handcrafted in Italy, this eco-friendly option is available in an array of striking or more muted colours, with the choice of two different textural surfaces.

Artificial granite

Personalised granite coverings


Terrazzo is a hardwearing and stylish artificial granite surface, creating a finished flooring style that is luxurious, unique, and exceptionally high-quality. 

We are proud to craft the materials ourselves, using an authentic Venetian method. This involves our supplier in Verona carefully selecting and grinding varieties of stone to meet the grain dimensions and colours specified in your own bespoke design and vision. All elements are created and professionally polished on our site. 

This is a high-end choice of flooring that is suitable for a vast variety of infrastructures including retail units and deluxe abodes.   

As an environmentally conscious and sustainable flooring option, this is the ideal choice for any ecologically friendly home.