High end stone floor coverings

Knownledge and experience for help our costumers to choose the most suitable stone floor. A full service, from the blocks selection and the tiles production to the flooring operations on site. While range of the finest and carefully selected natural stone to give life to a timeless style, characterizing the contemporary design.


High end wooden floor covering

Our partners select the best board for the production of our engineering wood floor for high end projects chosing a range of the finest and unique wood essences. Precious Teak and American Elm are our Top line wooden floor, superior high end product. We give life to a timeless style characterizing the contemporary design.

Artificial granite

Personalised granite coverings

Terrazzo is an artificial granite covering made by us with an old Venetian recipe. Realized and polished on site this type of floor is certanly luxurious, unique and high quality. Our supplier in Verona carefully selects and grinds different type of stone as your design, for grain dimension and colours. This is a top floor to for infrastructure, retails and high end home.