why us?






why us?


  • We only choose high-quality, premium raw materials, including pre-eminent marble slabs and wooden boards. This guarantees superiority, a long warranty, as well as a durable shape, colour, and texture.
  • We do not use materials, marble or wood from quarries or forests owned form companies involved in child or employee exploitation.
  • All our products offer value for money and have been developed under ZHA Architects advices.
  • We only work with highly skilled craftsmen and engineers, offering impeccable service and installation onsite.
ENVIRONMENT -SOCIAL VALUE- Ottaviani is proud to be actively involved in sustainable development practices. 

•        We sell only the most sustainable products for flooring and cladding as shown in our Global Warming Stone Floor Analysis.

•        We optimise water and energy consumption during product production.

•        We continually monitor our impact on the environment and introduce measures to reduce our atmospheric emissions.

•        We optimise waste management to ensure we have the lowest level impact possible.

•        We ensure that our carbon footprint for delivery of goods is as low as feasible. This is done by choosing the most environmentally efficient transport options, such as using train or maritime transport where possible. 

•        We aim to make 100% of our vehicles electric by 2025.

•        We continually review our activities, sourcing potential preventative measures and taking action where possible. 

•        We have fully adopted environmental surveillance and monitoring procedures.

•        We have implemented monitoring measures to review the impact of our production processes in line with the UNI EN ISO 14001 directive. 

•        We are also committed to announcing our measures through the Environmental Statement issued in accordance with the provisions set out by the European EMAS Regulation.

•        We pursue continuous improvements of our own energy performance by complying with the requirements of ISO50001, 2011.


All our products are inherently earth-friendly. We are proud to offer materials that have many eco-attributes including life cycle, ease of care, maintenance, and recyclability.

By using our products, it shows that you too are willing to take responsibility and care for our Earth by actively striving to preserve, restore and improve the natural environment.

Some of the key benefits of using our services include conserving resources, preventing pollution during production, eco-installation, reduced maintenance needs and minimising waste.