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Ottaviani limited company was founded in 2016. It has been developed for import and install floor covering and wall cladding in London and South UK. Has facility storage in Croydon head office in the City. The original Italian company is a family one and does marble slabs and tiles production since 1976. It works in North Italy, Austria and Germany in retails, hotels, shopping centre, train stations and residential houses. The old company has oversea base in the inland of Venice in where Domenico Ottaviani follows the facility production. In UK Giulio imports hard floor covering and wall cladding. We also craft artificial stone flooring on site, the famous terrazzo. All the materials have high quality standards in the sense of the strict selection for the marble and granite raw material and for the tiling precision. The last depends by the regularity of the corners shape and how plane is the cut.


We are also specialized in realizing bespoke parts handcrafted like worktop or particular kerbstone. We will be paving in your construction whit the helps of some of the best Italian craftsmen obtaining the best possible floor, choosing colour type and sense of tiling and direction of cutting for the stone. Is interesting how the marble texture changes in base to the slabs way of cutting, parallel or perpendicular to the mineral bedding. Important aspect for understand our materials is that we avoid using marble or granite coming from quarries in where is any kind of kid exploitation. For minimizing the transport carbon footprint, we select the best transporter, or, if possible, we use the sea transport when the stone comes from far countries.

We supply and install engineering wood flooring hand crafted in North east Italy the essences came from Austria and Slovenia, the most luxurious form America and Africa. The framework is in birch wood and over we have the noble board. For the precious essence we can produce practically every color and board dimension. Whatever length and width your design needs. Very important for a wooden floor is the framework. Indeed with many low cost wooden flooring we could assist to a framework collapse under the feet pressure developing an effect similar to walk on a soft ground in a short number of years.
Looking at flooring with the broader possible approach and We also supply and install ceramic tiling made in Italy. The new interpretation of materials possible with ceramics formats is unique for tiles dimensions and colours. The tailing we trade, thanks to the modern moulded sizes going from 60x25mm to 800x800mm satisfies every designer or architect who want to see flooring as integral part of the home design.

The limited company has head office in New Broad Street; storage in Thornton Rd, Croydon and accountant in Lamb's Conduit Street, London.

Giulio Ottaviani (Business developer UK, director)
Giulio Ottaviani
Business developer UK, director