Durmast Oak fog (CL)

oak fog
Main features     Thickness Length Width
Engeniering wood on 3 Layer   Board dimensions 14/15mm 1700/2200mm 170/220mm
Connection joint in the 4 side          
Solid wood Oak layer 4mm          
Second Layer in Brich wood          
Final counterbalancing layer Oak       Ce UNI EN 14342:2013

Instructions for the ambient conduction    

To conserve in ambient whit temperature around 15/16 °C and humidity between 45 and 60%. (using humidifier in the heating system radiator or air conditioning)                                                
Wood is an alive material that fit with the climate temperature and the air damp. Is strongly suggested to limit, more possible, the temperature and humidity jump.                                                                       
In case of flooring heating system be careful to keep the floor temperature not superior to 25°C. We suggest starting gradually the heating system implant being avoid to                                                
cause any tremor shock. The humidity in the ambient has to be controlled with humidifier and air conditioning. Newer use temperature, for the floor system over 29C°.                                                                  
Be careful, after have lied down the floor, for the first month, to don't cover the new floor whit carpet or similar. Be careful to keep ventilate the new rooms.                                                
Be careful, for the first 4 weeks, to don't do painting works or other works those can cause a humidity increase.                                   
In case of rooms, closed for long periods, be careful to ventilate the locals when the external temperature is between 15 and 25C°.    
Is always suggest the use of protection under the chairs support and table-bed support.                                                

Cleaning instructions

Using the vacuum being aware to don't use brushes those can scrape the floor surface or use electrostatic dust rags.                           
Use, for the cleaning, Neutral soaps. Use water being carful to don't let the floor to wet. For avoid internal humidity increase.               
Don't use Alcohol or any solvent or corrosive substance those can cause chromatic alteration.                                    
Use cleaning rags with cotton microfiber if the wood surface is rough. Use short microfiber rags if the wood surface is polished.