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A polished granite floor can create the ambience of an extremely comfortable and luxurious home. It is the ideal surface covering for private residential areas, kitchens, living rooms and entranceways, as the strong and durable finish makes it very robust. In particular, polished flooring is strongly recommended for bathrooms as it is easy to clean and more hygienic. Whilst working well as a surface for any continually wet areas around swimming pools, it is not proposed for expansive public environments due to slipping hazards when wet. If used, we suggest installing a large enough carpeted area to work as a joint between the wet and dry sections.
The polishing process is achieved by using diamond plates that scratch the surface with the precision of one tenth of a millimetre. We can obtain different levels of surface opacity to meet any design need, including BS 8298 and DIN 51130.

Public enviroment europeannormative: DIN 51130 ® 
Bs 8298-2 Code of practice for the design and istallation of natural stone cladding and lining